Wednesday, April 28, 2010

To Be Bespectacled or Not to Be Bespectacled

Seriously, that's the question.

I prefer to wear glasses on days when I'm not interested in wearing my contact lenses - either I wore them too long the day prior or I'd rather not be bothered. My optometrist said that my eyes are really dry and I need to invest in some re-wetting drops; until I remember the next time I'm at Target I've been making good use of my glasses. I love them so and would wear them everywhere if I could - but at the monetary rate they went for I am simply too afraid to think about riding my bicycle while wearing them. What if they fell off? What if my vision was so sharp that I got a headache? (It's happened before.) I can barely see without the aid of something, so to not wear them is not an option.

I happened upon an amusing interview from ESPN, talking with bespectacled BMX-ers about their experiences and perhaps considering alternative options. Naturally, some ride with; some ride without. Some say that as long as you're wearing a helmet they should stay on - something I never thought about, but it completely makes sense. Sadly, I can't find the continuing article that details experience of "some of the guys that used to rock glasses [who] have since moved on to other options", but in the meantime I guess I'll just accept that if they can wear their glasses while doing tricks, then I can wear mine while riding uphill both ways.

Now that I think about it, I could always invest in a glasses strap, perhaps one in a deep violet hue. Oh yeah, I'm totally feeling it now, especially since (per one of the guys) "when you're riding, [glasses block] out dust and debris from your eyes and you look sexy". Something tells me that I can function comfortably within that advantage.


  1. I always ride with my glasses, except in downpours - then I take them off and deal with not being able to see well. Luckily Im not so blind that I cant see without them. Im scared of contacts and don't like the idea of sticking things in my eye bulbs. However the rain storms do make me consider at least trying contacts.

  2. Contact lenses in rainstorms are workable, but if the water gets in them you'll have to hope to high heaven that they don't wash out. That happened to me earlier this year.

    I'm near-sighted, so while not exactly Mr. Magoo-esque I would still feel very odd without something helping me out. I'll try a circle around the neighborhood one of these days with just the glasses. Perhaps it's all in my head. :)

  3. "In them" meaning in your eyes.

  4. I think I'll need to see photos before I can make my Bespectacled decision. You know, I've never spelled that word before in my life. Keep the good posts coming.


  5. The other day my friend Nic said that in all the time she's known me she's never seen me in glasses. I'll get some photos of me - on bike perhaps? - with glasses at some point. That'll be my homework.

    And thank you, btw. :) Am glad to be writing.

  6. Hah -

    I wear eye protection when bike riding. That means polycarbonate clear safety glasses at night and seriously cool looking unbreakable blade sunglasses in the daytime. I've had small stones kicked up in my eyes by tires many times. Both cars and bikes do this. Only takes once to damage an eye.

    Hey, I try but safety counts more than fashion with this guy.


  7. I never thought of wearing anything at night. It's funny the things you might not think of unless something actually happens to you. Nothing's really off limits with that. Guess I'll be looking for some safety glasses, then!