Friday, April 9, 2010

Warmer Weather Activities

I'm going to try and fit in a long bicycle ride in before 8:00 tomorrow morning - not only because I want to get on with the rest of the day, but because it's getting rather warm this side of the Valley. Keep in mind that it's not yet mid-April. Soon will come the months in which it will be ill-advised to do any strenuous outdoor activity after 10:30 am on any given day. Bad air conditions, heat stroke, dehydration - you name it, and the Desert... erm, the Valley pretty much specializes in it.

One thing that I need to invest in before it's too late in the season is a bottle of sunblock. Every year I tell myself that I won't be in the sun for too long, which isn't a lie as much as it is a gross underestimation. When springtime rolls around it is mad playtime. I live for April through October because, naturally, when the working day is done, girls just wanna have fun - my only deal is being three different shades of brown until the season ends. Hence the need for sunblock.

If I could veer off topic facetiously for a second, for some reason it seems that the fact that people with more melanin tan is some sort of a newsflash (if only phrased in more ignorant terms). I only mention this because of the kick I got in elementary school when I was "educated" by some classmates that 'black people don't tan'. I remember looking at them like they were aliens, but still find it hilarious years later and therefore mention it when it's somewhat relevant. Yes, my skin tans, but I personally don't find it worthwhile to spend hundreds of dollars a year on it as a seasonal accessory. With that said, uneven skin tone will be the bane of my existence until kingdom come. No matter what I do, my face will be a different color from my abdomen until at least late October - unless I buy a jumbo-sized bottle of sunblock. Although, over the years I've gotten really good at explaining the flesh-colored bathing suit.

Among other things besides sunblock, at least twice the amount of water, electrolytes, and water-rich fruits or vegetables are good "must-haves" if you're taking a ride in the heat. Unless you enjoy the feeling of collapsing on hot asphalt, of course. Now that I think about it, hot days mean deliciously cool evenings and therefore refreshing night rides - so it might be worth it to save up all energy until twilight hits.

EDIT: Weather updates say that tomorrow will be cloudy and cool, mid-sixties-like. Thanks, universe!

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