Tuesday, April 6, 2010


My roommate got an idea from somewhere, I don't remember where exactly, to draw up a map of our neighborhood and to represent in some way a two-mile radius in all directions. So he did - as a result we've a modified Google map with a bright red circle therefore highlighting various places within "comfortable" bicycle-riding and/or walking distance. This so far includes (but is not limited to) the bank, the post office, a pet supply store, a few favorite restaurants, a few grocery stores, the every-Sunday farmers market. Again, I have no idea where my roommate came up with the idea, but it was a fabulous one. With its being stuck in plain view on the refrigerator, it serves as a good reminder of how possible it is to have one's life centered when it comes to the important things. Don't get me wrong; I like heading over the hill to Hollywood or the beach as much as the next person and manage to lead a life outside of my comfort zone. But in living in the Valley for the whole of my life and not really knowing what it has to offer, I've begun to like it more the more "limited" I've been. Surprises are found in holes in the wall, and in getting more acquainted with the Studio City area (a favorite, quite naturally), I've found it a little less imperative to head over the hill as often. At the risk of sounding redundant, it's a little like being over the hill without being over the hill - hip, chill, posh, and all other such loaded adjectives - except things still close around 9:00 or 10:00 pm, which I've always found insanely weird. Oh well, their businesses, their rules.

Still feeling torn when it comes to investing in four wheels, although not really. Yes, I'm referring to a car, not a Radio Flyer wagon, and therefore a never-gonna-happen these days due to unpredictable funds and exhaust fumes. Besides, I'm still loving the sweet smell of spring to be bothered [too much].

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