Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day

Did you do anything special this Earth Day?

Last year I totally missed Earth Day. It's only now that I realize that it's Earth Day that I shouldn't have felt as bad as I did. Today I did nothing different than I already do - I rode my bike, I took mass transit, and I walked. I could have been greener, I realize; I could have limited today to just man-powered devices. I'll make a note of that - but for tomorrow, and not merely for Earth Day 2011.

Let's face it - one day will not do much to help with the globe's ailment other than raise awareness and incite good feelings. But, hey, that's the start/furthering of something positive, something proactive. While everyone goes to bed with a smile on their faces knowing they did something to help the state of the Earth, my fear is that things will go back to "normal" tomorrow, and the next day. So, I pose a question to you: what can we do everyday? What can we adjust with the goal of emitting less toxins than we are already? Hell, even if it's not toxins, can we lighten up on the electricity? The water? Admit it; whether reverting to sunlight until 6pm or limiting showers to ten minutes or less, every little bit helps.

Think back to elementary school. I remember my first grade teacher, Miss Pikes, telling us five-year-olds that the plastic rings on six-packs of soda cans can be dangerous to animals. Twenty years later and I'm still snipping each ring before I throw them out. The three R's are now Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and have been, again, for the past two decades. What do you remember?

So yeah, I didn't do anything different today. Nothing was uncharacteristic; nothing was a chore. Today is Thursday, April 22 - another day in another year. I wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. Hi Carless ValGirl,

    Very nice post. You're being so great to the earth every single day so no need for you to do anything different for Earth Day. I am so impressed with people who are totally carless....I'm working on it and hope to be there one day as well.
    Keep up the great riding and writing.


  2. Thanks so much! It can be a little challenging at times without a car, but I try to not think of it as "without a car". You know? I've acquired an appreciation of the elements, and understanding of how to fuel the body... it's kinda zen.

    As long as we're all doing something. :) Thanks for reading.