Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Windy City

The wind has made an impression on the Valley the last couple of days, and I've been feeling every push on my bicycle. Riding in the wind can be a challenge, but it's such a good workout. I try to look at it that way, first of all. And then I ask myself, "Which would I rather ride in: the wind or the rain?" I'd take the wind over the rain any day, although drizzle has its charms. But when it is so windy to the point that you feel like you'll be blown off your bicycle and into traffic... well, I haven't had it happen yet, but let's just say that discretion is always a good thing. (And regarding that, I think this article from is a fun read on dealing with headwinds on a daily-commute basis.)

The Valley is a huge bowl, as I like to call it. No matter where you look, you are surrounded by hills. North of Rinaldi, South of Ventura, East towards Burbank, West towards Agoura Hills - nothing but stretches of rock. Naturally, when the wind comes over and through them, it's going to whip and rustle and shift. That's just on the whole, the kind of wind you can feel anywhere. Sometimes when you're in a canyon of tall buildings, you can feel the wind just as hard. But thankfully that's only temporary. In either case, riding with or against the wind is only a worthy challenge if you're willing to take it. Personally, with the incline I deal with on my everyday commute, I can already feel my legs getting stronger, so I'll take it until I can't anymore.

Just so you know, wind, I appreciate you. You're one hell of a personal trainer. I'll hate to see you go, as really you're just another element to grow accustomed to until you're overtaken by the rain again... which is supposed to happen this Friday.

Whatever you have in store, weather -- don't rain on Halloween!

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