Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"What's the Helmet For?"

Back when I was riding my bicycle pseudo-regularly, I would actually remember the days that I would ride. It'd either be five days a week or spotted somewhere, sometime throughout. Now it's become so much a part of my every day that I don't... really think about it anymore. It's just 'hop on the bicycle and go' with me. It's become so routine (in a good way) that I'm often surprised when people notice that I ride something, if not a bicycle. But I shouldn't be, because for the most part, I'm carrying my helmet everywhere.

"So, what do you ride?"
"A bike."

"Ah, what's the helmet for?"
"My bike."
"Motorcycle? Wow---"
"Nope. My bicycle."
[some verbal variation of "awesome" accompanied by a smile]

A friend gave my current helmet to me last year. It's black, delightfully scuffed, and was manufactured by the great folks at Triple 8. I've worn others before but for some reason this one fits my head well. I'll probably check out one made by Giro but for now this one is serving me well.

And on the relative note of interesting conversations, it's served as an awesome pick-up line, too. Often there's the one line of "it shows, how many miles you ride" followed by the approving (if not entirely appropriate) stare. Oh, flattery. Flattery and bicycles. Quite possibly the easiest way I've landed a date living in Los Angeles. Girls are so rare on bicycles. I honestly haven't seen many with the exception of being on campus, and unfortunately not many of them wear helmets. Actually, not many people wear helmets to begin with, which is the subject I'll be glad to take apart at some other time. But when it comes to being on my bike, if I don't have my gear, not only do I feel unsafe, but damn do ever I feel like a poser. And unsexy. Girls on bikes are sexy. (Don't believe me? Check out this safe-for-work photo blog. We may not all be outrightly bohemian... but we're sexy and you know it.)

Still, as much as I don't always feel like toting it around, my helmet says something about me, and is in most cases a great conversation starter. I don't know what I'd be, cycling-wise, without it.

Happy cycling~


  1. I wear my helmet when I'm riding at night and when I have to be on the street a lot. Mostly I get to where I need to go on the multi-use paths we have here in Flagstaff, and we have a lot of them. I have a Nutcase helmet, which is really cute. My next door neighbor and my cousin both have them after seeing how attractive mine is and they really are protective and seem to withstand anything. Lots of folks in Flagstaff bike so I don't get many questions about what its for but I enjoy carrying it around because people seem to strike up conversations about it's overall cuteness factor, followed up by "and I can't believe you can bike in those heels" or "I've been wanting to try this (bike commuting)".

    First time on your blog. Love the title.

  2. Thank you so much for reading.

    I hope to remember or at least make note of the majority if not all comments made towards me and my bicycle or bicycle component that I carry with me. It can get sooo interesting and colorful. People are funny (understatement, much?), heh.