Thursday, November 25, 2010

Night Life

With school winding down and the weather getting colder, I honestly haven't been out during the evening too much. I just get too tired, what with it getting dark earlier, and sometimes, living in Southern California, it's hard to determine how many layers are enough to avoid an unwanted chill. Oddly enough, however, it's for those same reasons that I find it nice to sometimes venture out into the nightlife.

This past Monday evening I headed to Bar Lubitsch in West Hollywood to see my friend Ale play a set with her guitarist, Kyle. As always, they're a riot and quite the talented duo. I also made the pleasant musical discovery of Mimi Page, so all in all, not a bad evening. The venue was great, the company and talent even better, and there's nothing quite like cheering along worthy local musicians. But in all honesty, it was the night that was the icing on the cake. The slight chill in the air, puffs of gray clouds in the sky illuminated by the lingering full moon in the sky - it was just beautiful. There's something about warmth packing in your core, surrounding your neck and ears, leaving your face and all appendages somewhat exposed (can you tell I'm a writer? Or that I at least love words?). Running up and down the stairs from subway to bus is somewhat exhilarating in more moderate temps, what with the rush of bodies heading where they're going in a rhythmic - if not always synchronized - dance. For some reason the cold accentuates that, as it seems we're all rushing somewhere to get out of it.

It gets cold in Southern California, but thankfully not so cold that being out in it is as much of a danger as midwest or northeast/west temps, and so on. It's kind of nice that we have the option of enjoying it without necessarily worrying about what will happen if we fall asleep in it, say. I have to give Metro mad props - thank you for keeping the buses and trains warm and with less congestion. It's made for some comfy rides this chilly season.

So get out there and enjoy the night. It's calling...

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