Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dating in Los Angeles

In case it wasn't painfully obvious, I am a single twenty-something in Los Angeles.

For the time I have been single I guess you can say I've enjoyed it - at least in the sense of not yet being married or having children. I like getting to know people with the potential of a relationship more so than not - as far as that's been concerned, however, it's been rather hit or miss. Some efforts have resulted in dates. Others have resulted in purely physical relationships. Every now and then, though, I'm surprised to get waist-deep in that "getting to know someone" phase with someone I'm super excited about. Like anyone else would, I go for chest-deep, then chin-, then eyeballs-deep. Sadly, whether a native or a transplant, Los Angeles is full of flakes. Dates can be fun. Slimy rejection after concerted effort... mmm, not so much. It's only then that I tend to go back to square negative one - a place where I'm not really a fan of being single anymore.

However, seeing as I live for the thrill of the gamble, my friends suggested I try one of two things: OkCupid (I've had an account for a long time; re-started a few weeks ago), and going out and just being around people, with no real aim to hook up or find someone. I've fallen into relationships that way before. So naturally I've been doing both.

Oddly enough, I've been able to meet a lot of people on account that I ride my bicycle and make use of public transportation in LA. It has made for some alarmingly interesting inquiries and overall conversation. I've also met a few people while riding my bicycle on rides arranged by the folks over at Midnight Ridazz. It's actually only then when I don't mind guys saying things in my direction while on my bicycle, being that the ratio of women to men on such rides is generally pretty low. If that's not enough motivation to go on more group rides, I don't know what is.

Everyone wants to feel special. No one wants to feel cheated or lied to. Such are the things we deal with when putting ourselves out on the line, and in reality we're all capable of being the latter to someone else. Sure, I'm totally adding fuel to the fiery topic of dating/attaining relationships and the politics involved, but I guess part of me is also sending a message to the universe: which mainly is to keep jerks disguised as nice guys at bay this go-round.

But first I think I'll need a better radar.

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  1. Hello there, Lindsey...I saw your post topic show up in my RSS yesterday and have been meaning to get over to read it. Hey, if it means anything...I spent a lot of time in the dating scene wondering if I would ever meet "the girl". One day the planets aligned and it all just fell into place. Keep the positive vibe out there and continue letting the Universe know exactly who you are looking for. He'll show up.
    Of course, you're going to have to get him approved by me first.