Thursday, July 1, 2010

Running Cycling Thoughts

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving." -- Albert Einstein

Apparently Einstein came up with the theory of relativity while riding his bicycle. If so, I think that I might start riding my bike a bit more. Me? I'm trying to figure out life. I think I've been trying to figure out life since I started working at thirteen, but at the present moment I'm going through everything. Money, people, politics of all kinds - and with all that comes the clutter. So, while on the bike this afternoon, I was able to let run through my mind the following thoughts:

-Damn. I really should have put on sunscreen.

-I really wish there was a workable market in Southern California for bicycle messengers. Can't you imagine it? Girls in tight jeans and tank tops messengering your stuff around town? I could totally do that. (Editor's Note: No, there are not bicycle messenger jobs in Los Angeles. Another pipe-dream-fueled reason to consider moving to New York.)

-What the... why the hell are you riding on the wrong side of the street? Do you want to die? If you die, you're not going to get where you need to go faster.

-I love riding in traffic. I don't understand what everyone's talking about, this "danger in the street" stuff. Riding on the sidewalk is not the way to go, especially with this gloriously winding street beneath me. It feels like I'm on a speedway. Ah, yes, I'm riding in the street, car turning left. Oh yes, I am going nearly 25 MPH. Go ahead, look. I'm looking right back at you. The better for you to not kill me.

-With Metro raising its monthly rate to $75 from $62 this month, I'm going to try to make the best of my bicycle, with more than just trips to the store or recreational riding. It's time to think outside of the box. My core and lower body will thank me.

-Why are there chickens by the lake? Does anyone else see this?

-I'm going to take my friend up on his dare and post a poll on Midnight Ridazz inquiring persons attracted to women of their opinion of women on bicycles. More so I'd love to know how other women feel when riding. Three years of riding and I still sometimes feel a little inadequate. Other times, however, I feel sexy. There's something about pedaling hard and fast only to stop at a light and feel a thin layer of sweat begin to cool my chest and torso. It can't be just me.

-I'm glad I didn't end up buying a car with my savings. Knowing how life can go sometimes, it could have meant the difference between living on the funds for the car and living in the car. (Okay, so that's not really funny. America needs some serious help. Hopefully some sense will come into the Senate when summer recess is over.)

-I really need to tune into Keith Olbermann tonight. And Rachel Maddow. I wonder if Rachel rides a bicycle... (be still, my beating <3)

-This street... freshly paved; smells like warm asphalt. And, oh boy, the trees lining it have formed a canopy of interlocking branches, like fingers against the backs of palms. Way to remind me of the one summer the street around the corner from the one I grew up on was re-paved and the trees had grown in. That's where you'd find us roller-blading. Falling down and roller-blading.

So yeah, nothing nearly as profound as Einstein's theories, but what were you really expecting? I think I got in a good twenty miles today, and more things hammered out than expected. Interesting what running errands and a detour around the lake can do for one's mental Rolodex.

I was thinking might do something like I did a few months ago and try to ride somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 miles on the bicycle this month. Any takers?


  1. Rays of Wisdom said...
    There is something to be said about the thoughts that come while on a bike. Einstein totally knew what we are talking about, as do a lot of cyclists I'm sure.

    It's funny you wrote about this today....I have been putting together a post for next week that talks about Einstein and how I always seem to think better when I'm out riding. It's not really the focus of that post, just a side note.

    Great to see you continue with your're awesome.


  2. What a fun read!

    I can't believe there are no bike messengers there. I live in Hartford, CT -- way smaller than Los Angeles -- and we have bike messengers.