Friday, July 30, 2010

A Worthy Distraction

(A brief look into a bright section of my evening that has something to do with being car-less in Los Angeles, if not entirely. Phrases/words have been bolded for purposes of relevance.)

On the Orange Line this evening, while on the way home from a free concert at Pershing Square, I met an adorable 26-year-old Ecuadorian doctor. He plays guitar, which is what sparked our conversation. I asked if he's tried playing piano. He said, no, it's far too difficult. My observation is that those who play guitar find it difficult to play piano, and those who play piano find it difficult to play guitar. I mentioned that I've played piano since I was three years old and can't imagine playing guitar. Cute. Glasses. Scruff. Nice hands.

I told him I take the bus and ride my bicycle nearly everywhere. We empathized on the idea that getting from one place to another is challenging without a car, but it's nice travelling by bicycle. Good for the legs. He doesn't mind taking public transportation, but at times minds the wait and the over-planning. I told him that it's likely that I'll have a car in six to eight months or so, but even then I won't see the need to drive it every day. Why every day, when you live in Los Angeles? (Talking more weather than actual commute, to be honest. Of course it all depends.)

He's so darned cute. He'll be leaving in two months. Still, the idea of two months is a decent enough distraction. Of course we exchanged numbers. There will either be coffee in the future, or I may never see him again. Who knows? Who cares? All that matters is that I walked home from my stop at Balboa Station with a lighter step than I have in months.

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