Monday, June 14, 2010

Rant a la Metro Los Angeles

This evening was a tad ridiculous, but that's to be somewhat expected when taking public transportation in the Valley.

The last few weeks, as mentioned, I've been getting around to film screenings in the Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Century City, WEHO, and Burbank areas with honestly little to no fuss in getting there and back (I've also been meeting my friend and boss there at times, so when things run too late I've been getting very appreciative rides back to my place)... still, that said, the distance covered has been great, as well as the time in getting there. But like I've always said, if I have a book, a notebook and pen, or music I am set for however long it takes. So long as I'm on time or early to where I'm going, I could care less at how long it takes.

So color me a little surprised when I still find it to be more difficult to go three-quarters of a mile to my favorite Mexican restaurant for a take-away dinner than to get to the Four Seasons Hotel during rush hour. I waited somewhat patiently for the bus for 16 minutes until it decided to come, realizing that maybe there was an accident or traffic or whatever the case could have been. But when the bus finally arrived, the driver was paying so little attention that it blew past the stop completely. It didn't help that the next bus was going to come another thirty minutes later (this was t 6:30 pm, Monday afternoon. Thirty minutes in between buses doesn't make sense to me, but how valid is my opinion?). I've had this happen when I actually had somewhere to be, and it didn't make my bosses happy one bit. So I walked, both ways. It was good weather out, so it didn't bother me as much as it probably could have - but still. Maybe I'm living in the wrong area of town. Maybe I need to live closer to Ventura Boulevard, where there are at least three lines (two local, one express) running until midnight or slightly later?

Another day, another rant.

I love you, too. :)

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