Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rehash and Document

So tonight I'll be boarding a plane heading to Nebraska for a few days to visit my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew. My older brother will be flying out from New York, and even with my flying out from LA with a layover, we somehow managed to schedule our arrivals within one minute of each other. We're just that cool. Anyway, East and West will be meeting in the Midwest for some food, fun, and family. I truly don't think I would ever have imagined that I'd be going to Nebraska, but what can I tell you - recent life has been all about firsts.

Lately I've been doing an informal photo project documenting bicycling in Los Angeles - sights from certain rides I've been on, the state of bike paths, street sign verbiage - you name it, I'm capturing it. But what has been getting more of my attention is the poor lock-up job people have been doing to their bicycles in public places, most especially on my university's campus. I mean, I used to be one of "those people" who would lock just their frame or their front wheel to a bike rack, but I've since invested in a cable lock (and found one buried in my closet, schwing!) and now feel worlds more confident about the security of my bicycle than ever. There's a lot of education to be had on the subject, apparently... I intend on helping to get it out there. Why yes, I have more than touched on this subject before - feel free to check it out here.

This all leads pretty much to what I'd like to do in Nebraska if I have the time - documenting the bicycle life in Falls City (population: approx. 4000). My assumption is that since it's such a small city that people are probably walking or perhaps making use of some alternative form of transportation - a bicycle, perhaps? - until they must absolutely utilize four wheels. I wonder if or how I will be proven wrong. I'm sure it'll be fascinating either way.

P.S. Hey, look at what I found!

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