Monday, March 22, 2010

I Want to Ride it Where I Like

I rode my bike almost twenty miles today. There was a time when that was considered to be "not enough", but... well, I have a confession to make. The minute I got home from my ride I went upstairs and took a nap.

Now this could very well have been a spell of residual tiredness from the very exciting weekend that only a short skirt and pair of violet faux alligator heels can bring, but either way I was bushed. I have ridden 30+ miles, half-centuries, and from Azusa to Long Beach without feeling sore the next day. Why today was any different I don't know.

I try to average five to six days of cardiovascular exercise and weight training, considering myself to be very active. In addition to cycling, I also run, doing more of the latter lately than the former. But what I've realized is the truth in that the physical strengths resulting from one activity differ greatly from the other. Sure, the types of endurance built by either or both rely on similar muscle groups and techniques - but running five miles isn't the same as riding ten miles.

One of my future goals is to run in the LA Marathon, perhaps next year. Since I've a longer history in cycling than running, however, I intend on doing the 100-mile portion of the LA River Ride this year (read: June 2, 2010). In preparation for it, the tentative plan is to ride every day if possible - doing longer rides on the weekends (40-50 miles a pop) and eventually increasing to 70-75 miles in one go, so that when I do the hundred, it will be the first time accomplished. With about two-and-a-half months to train, nutrition-wise and physically, I think it can happen.

In short, I seriously want to justify taking a nap.

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