Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bikes, Peds, and the MTA - Oh My

This month I purchased a bus pass. I anticipated that I'd be doing a lot more commuting than I had been in recent months, so it only made sense. I've also been battling some sort of sinus infection for the last week, so I'd figure I'll take it easy. The only drawback is that I haven't on my bicycle nearly as much as I like to be. However, I predict that I will soon enough. Honestly, once the relative cold and fickle rain leads into warm springtime temps, I'll be back on the bicycle quicker than you can say Midnight Ridazz.

So enters my love/hate relationship with the Metro Transit Authority. I'm rather thankful that there are other means of transportation outside of a personal automobile. I find that commuting by bus gives me time to enjoy things - reading, for instance. People-watching. Thinking. Those sort of things. I met with friends at the Getty Museum on Saturday, which was actually a pleasant experience - two buses in under an hour and I was there. It was surprisingly a satisfactory experience.

The only thing I don't enjoy is when buses come either too early or too late (or not at all), or too infrequently, or stop running after 9:00 pm. I understand that the Valley isn't Ventura Blvd or Hollywood, but I still hold to the viewpoint that if there are people, there needs to be transportation beyond the spectrum of 5am and 9pm. For now, that's all I have to say on the subject.

I hope to make more frequent entries now that I've opened up the lines of discussion to "other than bicycles". The wheels tend to run a bit better when lubricated with all-encompassing point of view.

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