Monday, August 2, 2010

Darn You, Metro

(Editor's Note: I was really tired when I wrote this. Apologies in advance.)

I buckled down and bought a monthly Metro pass yesterday afternoon because I can already see five days into this month where a day pass ("worth" $6) would be necessary. A few meetings here, a press conference/roundtable discussion there; a screening here, meeting up for a date or two, and various other errands that might come up or just meeting with friends... let's just say that I'd already be more than halfway in the hole towards $75 "worth" of rides via bus/rail. "Worth" is surrounded by quotations because the slight cynic in me thinks this is just some arbitrary number, like $62 has been before - but what do I know? Perhaps percentage really is key. That and to say something is worth something based on the judgement of anyone else but you is a general no-no to me - even if is "true". Yes, again with the quotation marks. What do you want from me?

I'll tell you, though, it was extraordinarily painful. $62 was enough when the pass was $62, but $75 for lessened service - especially on weekends and evenings - and the elimination of some lines altogether might as well have had the swiping of my card be the slicing of a knife instead.

Why oh why must the prices go up high? A redundant, rhetorical question? Yes, as, sadly, this kind of news isn't news at all, especially outside of Los Angeles. New York, San Francisco, New Jersey; some worse than others. But still.

It kind of reminds me of a parallel on grocery store shelves - the packages are getting smaller but the price is getting higher. Gas prices are getting higher why the MPG still makes the register sound with every revolution of the wheel. No breaks. None.

I'm frustrated. But you didn't need me to tell you that.


  1. But still: no car payments, no gas bills, no car wash expenses, no tune-ups (not to mention those unexpected major service repairs), no car insurance... although I bike to work at least 4 days a week, my Prius is still more expensive than the Metro pass... the grass is always greener... only your way helps keep the planet greener, too.

  2. I read over this just now and realize I must have been super tired when I wrote this. Thanks for dealing with me. :)

    Good for you riding four days a week! How many miles round-trip?

  3. It's a short commute: just under 10 miles round trip (and I'm able to ride mostly bike lanes, bike paths and side streets). And I'm a fair weather rider: no riding in the rain or heavy winds (and if this summer ever really heats up... well, maybe I'll just leave a little earlier in the morning).

  4. We need to get the same subsidies for buses and trains and bikes that the cars get. Especially since even with large subsidies, car drivers still have to pay a huge amount of money.