Tuesday, July 20, 2010

She Lives, Breathes, and Rides

It feels so good to be back. I haven't really gone anywhere, not physically at least. Although if I run into some extra money I might do a weekend on the East coast before the end of the year, but I digress. For a reason or two I needed to take a little break, and gosh, may I just say that I'm glad you're still here.

It isn't exactly news, but the temperatures have finally risen to their seasonable highs, and it's sure not an exception in Los Angeles. Anywhere from 95 to 100+ degrees has been the norm, but I swear every summer the rise of the mercury still surprises me. Walk outside just to run to the corner store and all your energy is sapped. I can't imagine being super-active in this weather. Although wait - I have been.

I didn't purchase a Metro pass this month. Mainly in an attempt to save some money and better use my bicycle for local errands - especially since my hybrid got a flat I've been lazy in fixing as of yet - I have been using my old road bike to get around town, for fun, etc. With the exception of the rear brake not working well and the fact that I'm still adjusting to the height and lack of cages, it really works insanely well. Because of all of those things, it is more of a "get around town" bicycle than a "get around town then climb a hill and add another twenty or thirty miles to the mix" like my hybrid is. In either case, I've reached my goal of saving money and also have been able to survive the summer despite the reduced use of the air-conditioned interiors of buses or subways.

Maybe it's just me, but I can deal with heat better than I can deal with rain. I won't ride in the rain, at least not intentionally. Perhaps it's the thought that it's easier to cool down than it is to dry off - especially when commuting. In an attempt to survive the heat I've been doing the stuff that needs doing indoors during the day - writing, writing, more writing, with the occasional errand being run - and venturing out during the twilight hours when the sun has decided to be a little kinder to us all.

Anyway, I'm glad to have made a glass half full situation out of the whole thing. It only reaffirms it with me that, no matter how you look at it, it's always a good time to ride.


  1. Great to have you back....I was wondering when your next post was going to come out.

    I'm like you, it can never be too hot to ride, but I'm not so keen on being out there in the rain.


  2. Welcome back... was beginning to think you rode off into the sunset.

  3. I'm glad to be back. :) Look for more posts soon, as I'll be tackling the flat on my hybrid any day now, heh.