Thursday, June 3, 2010

News to Me

While on the Metro Red Line this afternoon heading to Hollywood & Highland for a press screening of Splice, I noticed something informative-like posted on the subway wall - namely a notice that Metro's fares would be rising. Again. Joy. If for some reason anyone else wasn't in the know (I hate being the last to know), here are a couple of links to information on the changes to take effect July 1.

July 1 Cash Fares -
July 1 Passes & Tokens -

(Information on current fare for this month can be found here.)

You know, I'd like to applaud Metro for raising fares yet again. It's not enough that some people are buying milk and eggs but not bread because they realize they can't afford all three items once they get to the cashier. That spending days and nights indoors at the risk of sanity serves as some people's monetary relief (feeling like a cave-dweller is so in). Thank you, Metro, for helping people decide between food and sanity, for giving us something else to figure out how to pay for. How dare we think that life's other problems weren't enough? Thank you even more so for continually refusing to provide stellar bus service in the Valley. Your fleet of buses still are arriving every 30-40 minutes like clockwork, are stopping service after 8:00 pm, and weekend service is as crappy and scarce as ever. Go team!! You rock!!!

Oh, Metro Los Angeles. You're the needy, financially draining yet distant girlfriend we never had. I'd feel for you if you weren't such a bitch.

I'm aware that New York's monthly fares are higher ($89; MTA); San Francisco's is just below (at $70; BART)... Boston's got it pretty good so far ($59; MBTA). But personally, I believe that a $13-a-month increase for the monthly pass is a bit steep, as well are the various other increases, from base fare to day pass. These days, whether it's gas, food, insurance, maintenance, sales tax - it's all on the rise. It never ends, on any end of the spectrum. All of us are either making less or the same amount of money, yet we're being forced to spend more. I think this is what they call "spending self into a hole", except it's not a flavor of indulgence. It's the necessities of daily life that add up. And if we don't get where we need to go, then you've got one sad city.

What's Metro going to give those of us in "the boonies"? Hope? That things won't shut down more than they already have due to its $204-million gap in its operating budget? That buses will hopefully not stop running after 7:00 pm instead of 8:00pm (on some streets)?

It's possible that I'm over-reacting. I'm tired and it's been a long day. But I'm curious: how much is bus/railway fare where you live? Have you seen any increases in the last few years?

There was this little pamphlet I picked up on the local bus today that reads: "Transit Flicks Video Contest -- Show us why you like LA County transit. You might win a free pass for a year!" I thought it was a corny/cute idea until LA County transit lost itself a couple of points in my book with these developments. But if it means the chance at a free pass for a year, well then, hell. Might as well get creative.


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