Sunday, March 13, 2011

Google Maps Doesn't Like Metro Orange Line Balboa Station

Or so it seems.

The Metro Orange Line Balboa Station is the station I frequent when heading pretty much anywhere over the hill to Hollywood, Culver City, Westwood and beyond. For planning purposes I've utilized Google Maps over Metro's trip planner because in the past it has provided walking and bicycling directions as well as multiple (and I mean multiple) trip options via bus and rail to make it pretty much wherever. Also, I particularly enjoying using my home address and destination as points of reference instead of cross-streets, but that might just be me.

However, the last few trips I've planned via Google Maps in such a manner have seemed to neglect Metro Orange Line Balboa station, instead opting for the station one stop over at Woodley Station, and I'm not exactly sure why. This has made planning more of a cut-and-paste operation than the seamless procedure as it used to be. To be honest, it's not the end of the world. I'm just sitting here wondering why, though.

So my new method of operation is to find out when my connections - if any - are set to arrive so that I can plan my initial bus/train's departure in order to make it without a hitch. Again, it's so not the end of the world, but it's just an extra step that I wasn't used to making... one that I really shouldn't, to be honest.

There's really no more to it than that. Maybe I've been spoiled. Maybe something's up with Google's programming. Maybe I'm just obscenely over-aware, a curse and blessing at best. In either case I was just curious and will work around it. Any kink in the machinery is worth at least a second of reflection - yea, nay?

I really feel like Louis CK should be scolding me for not being happy, though.

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