Friday, September 3, 2010

The Only Girl

Last night, New Guy, his friend and I went on a Midnight Ridazz ride around Lake Balboa, and once again I was the only girl in the group. I didn't mind, not really, but it's just funny that it happens to be that way more often than not. I really don't mind being surrounded by men.

I'm having fun with New Guy. He's cute, gentlemanly, and has the makings of a decent person. He actually checked out this ride because I'd mentioned it to him on our first date. But if anything right now, things are being taken slowly - and, similarly, I don't mind. Not really. It's nice to not be pressured into being ooey-gooey sticky sweet right away, or to break out the lingerie because we're at the three "non-date" mark. But it's also nice to be able to message back and forth/bitch about online dating with someone. Did I mention that he's cute? And my age?

Let me tell you, though, it's really nice when a guy takes an interest with something that you like. He's been all over this for the last couple of weeks. Take notes, guys - that's really, really cool.

Whatever happens, though, it's a little 'comforting' to know that if ever things go south I can hop on a bicycle ride like this and literally be surrounded by guys. Turn on the laugh and the smile, arch the back, and there you go; it's almost natural. I met four guys last night that fit the friend role really well (sans benefits, mind you), if not the romantic partnership I'm kindasorta looking for. Which I believe if I'm looking for won't happen, but that's a wholly different entry for a completely different blog.

Everyone was biking to a nearby bar by the time the ride was over... it had been a long day, otherwise I would have joined the rest of them; besides, New Guy and his friend were headed home because they had to be up early the next day. Depending on how things go by next week will determine if I join them or not, though.

Happy hunting cycling~


  1. i'm a bicycling girl in los feliz! ;)

  2. Hi there, Dora! Nice to 'meet' you! Thanks so much for checking out my blog. :) Whereabouts do you like to ride?