Monday, September 27, 2010

Car-Lite: A New Frontier

So my mother called me last night while I was en route to a night of karaoke in Burbank. I wasn't expecting the call, but it's always welcome when my phone buzzes on account of her. We talked late last week regarding her leaving for Denver, Colorado, for business this upcoming week. Naturally, as a partial joke I told her I'd totally drive her in and 'look after' the car for her so she doesn't have to pay for parking at the airport. But seriously, I've done it for friends and family before and they appreciate the saving of the dollars. No shuttle, no taxi, just a willing friend/family member who will take responsibility of what they request while they're gone - in exchange for wheels.

So yeah, it was a joke-slash-sidepoint-slash-realistic-offer. Imagine my surprise when she took me up on it.

When I got her call, I had missed the connecting bus down Hollywood Way in part due to pride and in part due to a slow driver (details I will not go into at this time for fear of irrelevance). Let's just say that the prospect of a vehicle at my disposal for the next eight days sounded wonderful. Personally, I also found it interesting that the opportunity came quicker than anticipated, considering how much I've been toting around my intentions so recently.

That said, when applicable I'll be documenting my experiences with the car because it'll be an experiment of sorts... how acclimated will I get to the vehicle in a week's time? Will I slide into it smoothly? Will I feel "lost" without it once it's gone? Just how badly do I want a car and what comes with it?

Not that I'm going to sway myself in another direction. You'd better believe I'm going to invest in a car; there's no question. I just find it interesting that life sometimes offers situations to occur suddenly - to either cement an idea or deter from it. That's been happening a lot, actually, in other areas of life... another post for an entirely different blog, of course.

So yeah. That's where I am. Expect many a detail.

Happy Monday, all.

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