Thursday, May 13, 2010

"I've Got a Date with the Night"

I love twilight, mostly because it pleasantly mimics sunrise, a time of day I am normally sleeping through to appreciate fully. Summer nights seem to come a lot sooner in southern California than most any place else, another reason I might not be able to move, ever. The other night I went for a five-mile run at around 8pm and it almost felt like I was at the beach. The smell, the swirl of the breeze, the layers of color across the sky that take after an oceanic horizon. It lights me up inside, and, naturally, to quote Sheryl Crow: "If it makes you happy, then it can't be that bad."

Some of my favorite times on my bicycle involve the twilight, watching a yellow moon rise through a rose and violet sky, being framed by silhouettes of trees and lamp posts. And hell, I've a soft spot for the blinking of head and rear lights through partial darkness. For some reason during the summer I feel the most creative, the most active. There's always an unintended surge of new life. Ah, l'amour.


  1. Sounds like Spring is definitely in the air...

  2. There's something magical about being out on your bike at that time of night, isn't there? I think the twilight helps keep you focused or connected a little more....something like that.