Saturday, May 22, 2010

Health Matters

I am so, so tired... oh, how the night-bleeding-into-morning look clashes with my drive.

Two weeks from now is the 10th Annual Los Angeles River Ride, and as stated numerous times already, I will be riding my bicycle 70 miles. No sweat. That said, I haven't been really keeping up with good nutrition, hydration, and sleeping habits. Working and playing hard should be no excuse, but even with it being completely lame it is still a reason.

Up until about two weeks ago I was the average Jill's model of fitness and nutrition, if not sleep (trust me, if I could program my brain to let me sleep past 7:00 am after being up until 5:00 am, I would - and I'd likely look to profit off of the idea). What can I say; life got the better of me. It happens sometimes. Now that I've noticed the detour, it's time to get back on track. Get in the saddle. Set aside the time. Eat well despite any stress. Don't work through meals. Go grocery shopping. Drink water; get electrolytes. Adhere to a schedule and make it work... because the last thing I need two weeks from now is to have a embarrassing spill en route to the city of Long Beach before I hit the water station.

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