Monday, May 10, 2010

Getting Around Town in a Pair of Heels

(A brief shout-out to all the women out there who ride their bicycles in high heels and skirts. I am not brave enough to do so. It sounds like it'd be fun and endearingly cute, what with the right pair of plum-colored tights. But be it a gust of wind or an odd general angle, I am not willing to give up a shot of the goods so easily. That and I can't imagine a pair of pumps fitting well within the cages on my pedals. I'll give it a whirl one of these days, though, and will report back to you.)

Every now and then something requires my getting somewhere in more formal dress than jeans and a sweater. Whether covering the opening of a dance academy in Hollywood or just heading out to wherever the bass is pumping, at times I'm inclined to wear high heels and a nice dress - and in such cases I make friendly with my TAP card and take the bus. is my usual source for bus routes and corresponding times to get where I need to go, and while it's generally reliable, its lack of direction and non-user-friendly map makes travel a bit sketchy.

This Thursday and Friday I'll be heading to Beverly Hills for a press screening and conference, and while I won't necessarily be wearing heels, I'll not want to be a sweaty mess. In preparation, I GoogleMapped the addresses, just to make sure I knew where I was going, then noticed the Get Directions drop-down menu, which, among other options, included public transit. Not only did it tell me what buses to take and at what time, but exactly where to walk when transferring. Way to make my life easier. Absolutely brilliant; beyond sexy. I want to write someone a love letter. Metro, you need to play Catch Up, and quickly... and that's all I have to say about that.


  1. Yes, Google Maps is my best friend. I enjoy the traffic feature and street view as well. Really helps finding parking.

  2. Ah, see now? Genius. Google can take over the world as long as I can still pinpoint my location on their maps.