Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bike to Work Week LA

Yay! Every year, like Christmas and birthday season, I so look forward to National Bike Month. Sure, every month is Bike Month around these parts (except when it's raining buckets), but this is when it's official. Cities all across the US are declaring their week in which to hold Bike to Work Day, with the hope of encouraging the use of bicycles as a lifestyle inclusion. Despite the state of the economy, bicycle infrastructure has been improving from New York, NY, to Long Beach, CA - and I guess you can say that because of the state of the economy, people are taking to bike paths and lanes like they haven't before, therefore improving their lives all around.

All this positivity makes me wonder why in the world it was so difficult to find any information on Los Angeles' Bike to Work Week, supported by Don't get me wrong; Metro has some great information - specialized guides on bikes and safety, and info on the 2nd Metro Bicycle Roundtable Meeting, which I myself will try to attend. However, there was no specific link on Bike to Work Week. In fact, Google 'los angeles bike to work week' and it is the fifth option down. The four preceding results are from prior years, from other sources.

I just found it a little interesting that I wasn't the only one having this problem. Seems that the key is Googling 'Bike Week LA'. I sincerely believe the name was changed to accommodate the number of persons that will not be biking to work this year as they likely were last year, if you know what I mean. The inclusiveness is much appreciated, but not everyone is going to know to search for the event as such. Also, it's May. Why is there no info on the front page?

That said, here's a flier about the week-long event, including information on prizes, sponsors, and a calendar of events:

Monday, May 17, 8am: Bike Week LA Kick-Off Event at LAPD Headquarters

Tuesday, May 18, 8am: Blessing of the Bicycles at the Good Samaritan Hospital (visit for more information)

Wednesday, May 19, 8am: Downtown LA Bike Ride starts at Olvera St

Thursday, May 20 Bike to Work Day:
6-9am: Pit stops will be distributing refreshments and sponsor giveaways.
All Day: Free rides on Metro and other carriers. Visit for more information.

Friday, May 21: Bike to School Day

Sounds like fun! I hope in one way or another we're all able to get involved.

Have a great weekend, everyone.


  1. Hi Lindsey, it looks like a great week of biking. Good job on promoting it and getting everyone involved. I think I'll do a satellite version of the LA Bike Week over here so that I can share in the action with you.
    Really glad to be connecting with you on here and Twitter. Keep up the great work, girl.


  2. Awesome! And thanks; I really appreciate your feedback and support, Darryl. I'm going to try to get to as many events during the week and document as I can. It's going to be great.

  3. If you enjoyed Bike to Work Week, why not consider taking the Car-Free Challenge June 1 through June 7? For more information, check out

  4. Thanks, J! I just updated the blog with some info. I really appreciate you bringing it to my attention.