Sunday, March 4, 2012

What's Shaking?

"I am really starting to get tired of not having a car in LA."

A friend of mine said this the other day, and I gotta say, I only really think about it when it involves local public transportation.

But it's a tired topic of conversation. No matter how many suggestions there are ('move to a central location', 'invest in [some sort of attachment for your bicycle]', 'save up for a cab every so often', and so on), it's all been beaten like a dead, mechanical horse. So until my mood levels from that disappointment, I'm going to fill you in on what's been up lately.

I'm two-ish months from getting my degree and moving on to bigger and better things in the world at large. School should be taking up most of my time - and in all fairness, it is - but let's just say that I haven't been feeling nearly as motivated this semester as I have during ones prior. My head is not at all focused. I blame it on wanting to be done so badly with school. I'm doing an awesome job at looking towards the future, there's that. But my head is so out there that the present is - well, not suffering. But I could always be studying more and be more involved in class discussions. Senioritis, ladies and gentlemen. I have it.

In other news, I suffered a mild sports injury during the holiday season. Nothing says Merry Christmas quite like pulling one's groin. I'll admit I pushed myself hard, having run over 50 miles in a week when I'd only do about half that amount in a regular week. Recovery has involved a lot of patience, but I have also found that riding my bicycle is a great form of exercise. I mean, how obvious has it been since this blog has been in existence? But to be honest, it had become such a commute-oriented thing that enjoying the effects it had on my mind and body had been pushed so far on the backburner that, well, I forgot. It happens. Add a bit of jump rope to the mix, and some weights after a month or so, and it's been working out pretty okay.

But yeah, am still car-less in LA, but for the moment it is okay. As always, it's kept me a little more grounded than usual, a little more focused - which is more important than ever, since graduating with honors is (or should be, heh) my main focus. I am still focused more than ever on getting the word out in a more active way about how vital local bus service is in the Valley more than anything else, but to be honest, things have gotten in the way. I blame senioritis, but only for about another two minutes.

You heard it here first. Be a doll and hold me to it?

Happy cycling~


  1. Congratulations on moving forward in life. Senioritis is tough to resolve and you may find yourself instantly cured upon receiving the sheepskin. "Oh, what do I do now?" I'm actually planning working on my second Masters degree in the fall. It's the way of the world.

    As for your car addicted friends, they may just begin seeking out your advice very soon as gas prices continue to rise. You can show them how it's done. Pretty soon they could be asking you why you never filled them in on the big secret.

  2. It's weird, the semester started at the end of January and the end seemed so far away - but we're already at midterms and the urge to buckle down is upon us... caps and gowns will be ordered this week. It's crazy. People also tell me I'll miss it a week or so after it's over. It'll be a mixed bag, for sure. Congrats on working on your second Masters! Sometimes I feel drained of ambition but I know it's still there. Encouragement helps. How awesome. :)

    I saw a news story today about how gas prices have gone up for 27 consecutive days; it seems like it'll never give. Alternative transportation seems to be the only way, thankfully a lot are wiser because of it. Will there be enough political will to get behind the idea, though; that's the question - hmm...

  3. will you be at Ciclavia on Sun ?

  4. I have recently graduated as well and am happy to report that I gave up my car exactly 6 days ago. I am now a Car-less Santa Monica Girl! Best of luck to moving on to bigger and better things and hope you stay car-less! You are an inspiration!

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  7. Im from SF and the public transit in LA is awful! I had to get my first car when I move to LA...But I bike on campus too! Thank God for my cruiser

  8. wow.... really? I like what your said.. me too.. I experience it too..

    Loi =)

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